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Obtain Permanent Residency Visa in Panama

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This is the way to Start your Permanent Residency in Panama, We accept Visa, Mastercard and Paypal payments to START NOW¬†your way to Panama Residency or Citizenship. IMPORTANT¬†NOTICE: You will only be charged 50% online as upfront payment and you will pay the rest once you receive your residency. PROCEDURE Once payment is received one of our Attorney’s will contact you in order to make the power of attorney and all documents need it for your selected VISA, is it possible that after the Attorney’s review all your documents to change your applied resident visa to a more suitable (your current payment will be added as credit without any penalty to the recommended visa).


* Applies if you fullfill all requirements for the visa and you haven’t get your temporary residency visa on a period of up to 3 months, the money returned will only apply to legal expenses paid and it will not include any other costs (including gov’t costs).